Akbar Bakhshi

A cat lover

Born in 1989 in a small town

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After finishing my undergrad degree in 2012, I moved to the U.S. to follow my dreams.
Not that it matters, but I made a short stop in London on my way. See my journey on the right as you scroll.
I got my Masters Degree at USF... Fast forward, I co-founded Animal Lover Click in 2019.
That's how I got into web and mobile design and development. By mid 2020, I built the Animal Lovers Click mobile app all by myself.
In early 2021, I discovered ThreeJS and I fell in love with it.
I also learned more about no-code platforms and that's how I got into WebFlow (it's never too late).

My Services

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Creative Design

Creative design for personal or business websites as well as web or mobile applications

Creative Development

Converting creative mockups and design ideas into actual web pages using rich animations and modern technologies


Sometimes a simple website is not all you need. Your business or personality comes with a story and that story is the focus of what you are trying to communicate

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